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Since 2013, Colorado Lightning has been a ministry that is dedicated to teaching student-athletes about Jesus Christ using the game of basketball. We are a competitive year-round youth club basketball program focused on teaching boys & girls sound fundamental skills and high basketball IQ instead of running plays. Using the latest and proven teaching techniques we build teams and players up layer by layer.

Firmly grounded in Christian principles of integrity, service and growth, our values-driven basketball coaching approach nurtures young people in body, mind and spirit. We champion youth empowerment through sports and faith – intentionally building character beyond the court so that excellence formed here positively shapes lives for future impact.

Our character-building youth basketball programs strengthen skills and ethics in equal measure. We foster spiritual growth in youth sports as an instrument for holistic advancement, believing athletic participation can further faith and leadership capabilities off the court as well.

Customized Player Development Pathways


Every Northglenn player journeys along their own growth timeline based on cognitive abilities, physical maturation and emotional intelligence. Our expert coaches personalize basketball training by assessing strengths against current weaknesses to set ambitious goals driving progress without overwhelming confidence. Logical progression allows natural skills to blossom correctly through precise repetition. Our tailored training plans combine fundamental drilling with competitive game exposure to repeatedly push developmental edges specific to each athlete’s physical and mental maturity level. Northglenn players gain new capabilities facing weaknesses in challenging yet supportive environments.

Building Basketball Skills and IQ Through Competitive Application


While isolating mechanisms during repetitive drilling ensures proper technique takes root, integration against game situations cements true learning. We enhance skills then verify tactical application through exposure to elevated competition levels that Northglenn boys may not yet face at school. Club basketball provides opportunities to gauge and sharpen emerging capabilities against tougher opponents in tournaments and league matchups to boost confidence and readiness translating lessons into live play.

Leadership Emerges Through Integrated Development


True progression blooms by nurturing diverse areas in tandem, beyond drills and court dimensions. Applying positive principles like respect, resilience and responsibility through scripture exploration, self-reflection and coordinating community initiatives nurtures the character to complement maturing talent. Our integrated club discussions empower Northglenn boys to evolve into student-athlete leaders guiding peers on and off the court.

Want to Learn More About Our Northglenn Program?

To inquire about customized training, club teams or open enrollment sessions available in Northglenn for your athlete, please contact Colorado Lightning Basketball.  We look forward to accelerating your player’s development!

We hold practices in the North Denver Metro area at Adams 12 schools and The Courts.

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